LiTouch Wireless

LiTouch Wireless

LiTouch is a wireless technology developed by Sundrax Electronics for remote control and data transmission via a narrow-band wireless channel operating at 868/915 MHz. It is suitable for Smart City and IoT applications, offering stable communication and data collection. LiTouch utilizes 2-FSK modulation in the 868/915 MHz band, allowing multiple independent networks to operate without interference. The system enables "master-slave" communication between a base station and nodes. Each node has a unique number for individual addressing. Nodes can act as repeaters for extended network coverage. LiTouch Nodes are installed in luminaires for individual control and provide dimming functionality (DALI, PWM, 1-10 V) and load control. The base station sends data to the server via 2G/3G, allowing report generation and detailed analysis. Energy-saving reports can be emailed, and SMS alerts can be sent for errors, alarms, theft, and door openings. Motion sensors can be integrated for intelligent lighting scenarios, particularly in pedestrian zones, parks, bikeways, and low-traffic motor roads.


Key Benefits

Schedule lights on/off

Wireless communication (868/915MHz)

RF module Integrated into any traditional fixture with electronic ballast

RF module integrated into any LED fixture with 1-10V

Individual or group lighting control

Ability to control lights connected to different sources of power supply

Light intensity adjustment 0-100%

Power consumption data from each fixture

Collecting data from power meter

Astronomical clock on board

Intuitive, user-friendly software

Remote control from the laptop, tablet or cellphone

Unlimited reporting tools

Easily scalable by adding new modules