LoRa Wireless

LoRa Wireless

LoRa is a low-power, wide-area wireless communication technology for IoT. It operates in license-free ISM bands like 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (US), providing long-range coverage and low energy consumption. LoRa consists of end devices (nodes), gateways, and a network server. Nodes are battery-powered sensors that communicate with gateways. Gateways receive data and forward it to the server. The server manages communication, encryption, routing, and data processing. LoRa uses chirp spread spectrum modulation for long-range transmission at low data rates. It offers efficient connectivity for IoT applications.


Key Benefits

Wide coverage: Rural (km), urban (m)

Low power consumption: Months to years battery life

Scalable networks: Expandable with gateways and devices

Secure data transmission: Encryption and authentication

Cost-effective technology: Cost advantages for large-scale deployments

Versatile applications: Smart cities, agriculture, tracking, monitoring, automation