Off-grid lighting integrates seamlessly with the QULON management system for remote control and real-time monitoring. HELIOS controllers provide scheduling, battery charge status, and live control for solar-powered lighting. Gateways transmit data to the server via mobile networks, allowing for easy report generation and analysis. Energy-saving reports can be sent via email, while SMS alerts notify of errors, alarms, theft, and door openings.


Key Benefits

Schedule lights on/off

Individual or group lighting control

MPPT charge technology (efficiency 97%)

Optimised 3-step process of the battery charge (bulk charge, absorption change, float charge)

Automatic detection of the nominal system voltage (12V/24V)

Supports three types of batteries (GEL, AGM, Flooded)

Integrated LED driver

Control and monitoring of current supplied to the lamp

Electronic protection against overload current

Light intensity adjustment 0-100%

Power consumption data from each fixture

Collecting data from power meter

Astronomical clock on board

Intuitive, user-friendly software

Remote control from the laptop, tablet or cellphone

Unlimited reporting tools