On/Off Control

On/Off Control

Group Control is an affordable solution that unifies lighting assets for comprehensive street lighting control. It optimizes lighting networks, reduces costs, and enhances energy efficiency. Retrofitting with dimming modules improves efficiency for both luminaires and driverless fixtures. QULON gateways manage components like starters, meters, controllers, and sensors, seamlessly integrating with the QULON system. Data is collected via RS-485 or CAN interfaces and transmitted to the server via mobile network or Ethernet. Remote programming and troubleshooting are available. The web-based telemetry database provides detailed analysis and generates reports, while energy-saving reports can be emailed. SMS alerts cover errors, alarms, theft, and door openings. Group Control is a centralized, efficient lighting management solution with QULON integration.


Key Benefits and Functionality

Straightforward design for simple installation

Schedule lights on/off

Scenario scheduling and live remote control

Independent control of each phase

Group lighting control

Collecting data from power meter

Astronomical clock on board

Intuitive, user-friendly software

Remote control from the laptop, tablet or cellphone

Unlimited reporting tools