Via Mobile Network

Via Mobile Network

GSM Node is a wireless control unit installed into luminaires mounted to NEMA/Zhaga sockets. Each lamp equipped with GSM Node is individually controlled via GSM. Unlike radio control nodes, GSM Node communicates directly with QULON Server without intermediaries. It provides dimming functionality (DALI, PWM, 1-10 V) and individual load control. Nodes send data to the server via mobile network 2G/3G/4G, enabling easy report generation. QULON's web-based telemetry database allows detailed system analysis. Energy-saving reports can be emailed, while alerts can be sent via SMS for errors, alarms, theft, and door openings.


Key Benefits

Schedule lights on/off

Direct communication between nodes and server via GSM

Fast deployment: no gateways

Individual or group lighting control

Light intensity adjustment 0-100%

Power consumption data from each fixture

Collecting data from power meter

Astronomical clock on board

Intuitive, user-friendly software

Remote control from the laptop, tablet or cellphone

Unlimited reporting tools

Easily scalable by adding new modules