Via Power Line

Via Power Line

Powerline lighting control (PLC) via Simpline technology is renowned for its fast connection, accurate reports, easy installation, and remote management. The solution includes PLC nodes, gateways, QULON software, and a database. Simpline Nodes provide dimming functionality (DALI, PWM, 1-10 V) and individual load control. They communicate via 230V AC power lines using CENELEC EN 50065-1 (band-C) standard at 132.5kHz frequency. Gateways establish "master-slave" communication, enabling centralized control. Data is transmitted to the server via 2G/3G/4G, allowing easy report generation. QULON's web-based database offers detailed system analysis and energy-saving reports. SMS alerts can be sent for errors, alarms, theft, and door openings.


Key Benefits

Schedule lights on/off

Compatible with any fixture

Simple and fast installation, no additional wiring

Reliable long range solution

Individual or group lighting control

Secure technology with limited interference

1-10V, DALI, PWM connection for electronic ballast/driver interfaces

Step dimming for electro-magnetic ballasts

Power consumption data from each fixture

Collecting data from power meter

Astronomical clock on board

Intuitive, user-friendly software

Remote control from the laptop, tablet or cellphone

Unlimited reporting tools

Easily scalable by adding new modules