What is a Smart City? Concept by Sundrax

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Smart City

The Smart City concept, implemented with the equipment of the Sundrax company, represents an advanced and unified method of managing the urban environment. This smart city solution, based on the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) and smart sensor devices. These elements form the basis for creating an innovative and high-tech urban infrastructure. Sundrax aims at improving the quality of life of residents and increasing the efficiency of managing urban resources and smart city services. 

Let's take a closer look at each of the key aspects of smart cities

What is a Smart City? Concept by Sundrax

Smart Pole

Connected devices and sensors: Installing sensory devices on a Smart Pole, such as cameras, air pollution sensors, and motion sensors creates an extensive network on these lighting masts. These extensive Smart Poles network gathers data on various aspects of city life. This data provides continuous monitoring and analysis of the environment, traffic flows, security, and other essential parameters.

Kepler data analysis software

Kepler data analysis software

Data analysis software: The collected data is processed using modern algorithms and artificial intelligence in specialized Kepler software. This allows for in-depth data analysis and pattern recognition, which in turn helps in making more efficient managerial decisions.

MONARQ architectural lighting system

Resource management: Smart cities actively optimize the use of resources. Data and sensor device integration, such as the QULON smart street lighting systems, the MONARQ architectural lighting system, and the Traffic management systems enable cities to achieve effective energy consumption management.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Improving the transportation system: Smart city Traffic Management systems provide real-time information about the current state of road traffic and public transport. This enables traffic flow optimization, reducing congestion, thereby reducing citizens' travel time, and lowering the negative impact on the environment.


Sustainability and security: The sensor system integrated into the Smart Pole lighting solution consistently monitors various emergencies. From detecting sounds in the streets to swiftly detecting fires and floods, this advanced technology enhances the safety of the environment and allows for a rapid response to emergencies.

Kepler software

Kepler software

Citizen engagement: With the aid of the Kepler software and other smart technologies, residents can effortlessly interact with the city administration. These tools grant them access to vital information and feedback tools. As a result, civic participation is integrated seamlessly into the city management process, which ultimately enhances the overall quality of life for everyone in the community.

Let's go a bit deeper into some elements of the smart city in our implementation.

Data analysis

A key element of the smart city concept is the decision-making support system, along with the Kepler integration platform, which occupies a central and connecting position. This software plays a crucial role in integrating city infrastructure, data analysis, and managing various aspects of urban life management.

Network Street Lighting QULON


An important component of smart city infrastructure is the network of exterior lighting poles equipped with Smart Pole devices. The uniqueness of this system lies in its city-oriented nature, offering a unified service system and ensuring continuous power. This positions the lighting poles as vital infrastructure elements for various tasks. They provide efficient lighting, enhance safety, and can be integrated with other smart technologies to improve the quality of urban life.

QULON lighting systems

The poles are fitted with street lighting, which plays a significant and multifaceted role in the smart city concept. The main component of the lighting poles are the intelligently managed QULON lighting systems. This intelligent control ensures continuous power to the poles and timely maintenance of all systems. Street lighting not only provides visibility and safety but also becomes an integral part of the infrastructure, integrating into overarching management and monitoring systems to enhance urban life's efficiency and quality.

MONARQ system

Urban lighting can also serve an architectural and artistic purpose, represented by the MONARQ system. This system can transform the cityscape at night, creating unique and attractive visual effects. This fosters a special atmosphere and makes the city more appealing for both residents and tourists. Modern technologies allow the use of efficient light sources, leading to reduced energy consumption and promoting environmental sustainability.


Traffic monitoring systems, are also installed on the poles, playing an essential role in ensuring more sustainable and eco-friendly movement in smart cities. Installing sensors and detectors on roads and intersections allows for data collection on traffic flow and density, which is used for optimizing traffic light operations and traffic regulation.


We've integrated these smart city elements into a harmonious system aimed at creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and comfortable urban environment. This approach not only enhances the lives of city dwellers but also promotes more efficient resource utilization, fostering the economic development and social development of cities.