QULON Products for Street Lighting Control

Advanced Street Light Sensors for Efficient Lighting

How to choose a device placement option that suits you: on a pole, on top of a pole, in a cabinet, on a luminaire, inside a luminaire?

Revolutionize Street Lighting with Smart Sensor Solutions

Our comprehensive range of street light sensors is specifically designed to adapt to the evolving needs of modern urban lighting. By incorporating intelligent sensing capabilities, we offer enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability for various outdoor environments.

Why Choose Our Street Light Sensors?

Intelligent Management - Our sensors contribute to a smarter lighting infrastructure that can be monitored and managed remotely for optimal performance.

Energy Savings and Sustainability - By adjusting to real-time data, our sensors reduce unnecessary energy use, contributing to greener cities.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort - Automated adjustment to lighting based on motion and environmental changes ensures a safer and more comfortable space for residents and visitors.

Easy Integration - Designed with flexibility in mind, our sensors are compatible with existing lighting systems, allowing for an easy upgrade path toward smarter illumination.

Enhance your street lighting systems today with our advanced sensors. Experience the benefits of increased efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Contact us to learn more about our innovative street light sensor solutions and take the next step towards intelligent urban lighting.