Off-Grid locations

Off-Grid locations

QULON HELIOS represents the new generation of controllers for solar-powered lighting, providing scheduling, battery charge status, remote control, and comprehensive on-site lighting performance information. Among its various functions, it ensures additional safety for pedestrian crossings, bus stops, and traffic light systems by ensuring their proper functioning at all times.

QULON HELIOS is an innovative solution designed to meet the requirements of modern solar lighting systems. It not only enables efficient lighting management but also offers real-time information on lighting performance at the installation site. With its scheduling feature, optimal lighting can be achieved at the desired time and location.

However, the key advantage of HELIOS lies in enhancing the safety of crucial locations such as pedestrian crossings, bus stops, and traffic lights. Through reliable and precise lighting control, the HELIOS controller guarantees the correct operation of these systems at all times, preventing potential failures and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and road users.


Off-Grid locations
  • Energy savings up to 60%

    Energy savings up to 60%

    Street lights dim automatically based on schedule or environment, saving up to 60% energy and reducing CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    We reduce service costs up to 50% by proactively alerting maintenance staff of faults/outages in fixtures or networks

  • Programming tools

    Programming tools

    Create complex scenarios with QULON devices based on daylight, weather, traffic, air pollution, and holidays - virtually limitless!

  • Live control

    Live control

    Manage street lights remotely with QULON software. Get live stats, create performance reports with a click for individual or grouped fixtures