Wire Daylight Sensor

Modbus-RTU/Wireless ambient light intensity sensor with connection via wire

The Wire Daylight Sensor is a specialised light intensity sensor for fine-tuning the ambient light intensity during the day and switching pre-configured lighting scenarios in the event of visibility-reducing factors (smog, fog, smoke, etc.).

Data exchange with other devices is performed via RS-485 (Modbus-RTU) interface. In some modifications the device is able to exchange data via mobile communication via wireless. The device is equipped with a GPS receiver.

The unit is powered via AC networks with a voltage of 100-250 V.

The unit is configured remotely via the control system. The unit has LED indicators.

The unit is designed for mounting in luminaire by means of wire connection. The device is IP66 dust and water resistant.

    • Versions with open wires

      Waterproof case IP66

      Embedded GPS receiver

      RS-485 interface

      Optional GSM interface

    • Mechanical:

      Housing: solid case
      Material: plastic
      Dimensions, mm: 87(D) x 91,3(69,3)(H)
      Mass: 0.2 kg
      Mounting: luminaire case, pillar, e.t.c

    • Power & Electrical:

      Input Voltage: ~100-250 V, 50/60 Hz
      Input Power (max): 5 W
      Max load Power: 1000 W

    • Environment:

      Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
      Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
      Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
      IP Rating: IP 66
      Certification: CE compliant, RoHS
      Warranty: 36 Month

    • Interfaces and Protocols:

      Navigation: GPS
      Interface: RS-485
      Radio Channel: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (optional)

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      Connectors: wires
      Sensors: embedded light sensor

    • Configuration / Indication:

      Setup: remote via software
      Indication: LED

    • Package Contents:

      Wire Daylight Sensor

    Wire Daylight Sensor, RS
    • : QUL-DSR-W-10
    • : 5060452242781
    Wire Daylight Sensor, GSM, RS
    • : QUL-DSR-W-11
    • : 5060452242798