NEMA LoRa Node

Wireless LoRa Connectivity for Enhanced Luminaire Control

Lead the way in urban lighting with the NEMA LoRa Node. 

This wireless solution simplifies the management of streetlight luminaires through diagnostic capabilities, dimming functions, and long-range LoRa connectivity, perfect for modern smart city applications.

The NEMA LoRa Node is designed to seamlessly control lighting fixtures up to 1000W, offering an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for cities and municipalities. 

Its compact design withstands high voltage and is easy to install with a standard NEMA connector. 

By using the QULON software, you can quickly configure and monitor each lighting unit, creating a responsive and adaptive street lighting system.

      • Versatile control interfaces such as DALI, DALI 2.0, PWM, 1-10V, and 0-10V
      • Efficient LoRa network communication for reliable data transmission
      • Advanced sensors including daylight detection and GPS geo-positioning
      • Built-in accelerometer for pole status monitoring
      • Durable IP66 casing and convenient NEMA connector integration

    • Mechanical:

      Housing: solid case
      Material: plastic
      Dimensions, mm: 87(D) x 82,8(69,3)(H)
      Mass: 0.2 kg
      Mounting: luminaire case, pillar, etc

    • Power & Electrical:

      Input Voltage: ~100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Input Power (max): 5 W
      Max load Power: 1000 W

    • Environment:

      Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
      Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
      Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
      IP Rating: IP 66
      Certification: CE compliant, RoHS
      Warranty: 36 Month

    • Interfaces and Protocols:

      Control output interface: DALI, DALI 2.0, PWM, 1-10V, 0-10V
      Navigation: GPS
      Radio Channel: LoRa

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      Connectors: NEMA C136.41 plug
      Sensors: embedded daylight sensor,
      Motion sensor input, Accelerometer

    • Configuration / Indication:

      Setup: remote via the QULON
      Indication: LED

    • Package Contents:

      NEMA LoRa Node

    NEMA LoRa Node, LoRa, load switch, 0-10V/PWM/DALI/DALI 2.0, GPS, accelerometer
    • : QUL-LW-N-LO-A
    • : 5060452241463
    NEMA LoRa Node, LoRa, load switch, 0-10V/PWM/DALI/DALI 2.0
    • : QUL-LW-N-LO-B
    • : 5060452241470
    NEMA LoRa Node, LoRa, load switch, 0-10V/PWM
    • : QUL-LW-N-LO-C
    • : 5060452241487
    NEMA LoRa Node, LoRa, 0-10V/PWM
    • : QUL-LW-N-LO-D
    • : 5060452241494