QULON Server

Optimized Solution for Integrated System Management

Empower your building management systems with our QULON Server, a dedicated hardware solution specifically configured for the seamless operation of QULON software. This unit isn’t merely a server; it’s a robust hub designed to facilitate flawless interaction between all components of the QULON ecosystem.

Step into the realm of harmonized system management with the QULON Server. This specialized personal computer integrates a tailored Windows Server operating system, ready to welcome the QULON software onto its platform. Your operations gain the edge with a server perfectly attuned to your software's demands, bringing enhanced functionality to your fingertips.

The essence of the QULON Server lies in its stellar performance and role as the linchpin of synchronized management across all elements of the QULON system. It allocates resources with precise accuracy, safeguards the integrity of historical data, and ensures uninterrupted data flow to and from various end-points and third-party applications.

Crafted for a 1U space in your server rack, this server is an epitome of space efficiency combined with immense capability. It’s engineered for those who can’t compromise on functionality but need to optimize their physical workspace.

The QULON Server stands as an exemplary choice for managing building systems powered by QULON equipment, streamlining coordination, and enhancing the interplay of diverse system components.

Please note that the QULON software is sold separately and is available under a variety of tariff plans to suit your specific needs and budget.

      • Tailor-made computing platform exclusively compatible with QULON software
      • Custom-configured Windows Server operating system for precision-based performance
      • Centralized coordination of the entire QULON infrastructure for streamlined operations
      • Robust resource allocation to meet the demands of client software
      • Secure storage for historical data and efficient data transit to ancillary systems
      • Optimal rack space management with a minimal footprint (1U)
      • Ideal for integrated building management systems utilizing QULON technologies

    • Hardware:

      Processor: 1 DL360 Gen10 Intel Xeon-Bronze 3106 (1.7GHz/8-core/85W)
      RAM: 16GB 2Rx8 PC4-2666V-R Smart Kit
      Memory: 1.8TB SAS 12G 10K SFF (2.5in) 512e
      Chassis: 1U Rack Form Factor 8 or 10 SFF (depth - 69.85cm)
      Weight: 16.27kg

    • Operating System:


    • Package Contents:

      Server for software QULON

    QULON Server
    • : SER-QUL-XXX
    • : 5060452243399