Server for software QULON

1U rack-mounted specialized server optimized for QULON software

Server for QULON software is a hardware complex designed to enhance the interaction among all components within the QULON working environment. It comprises a specialized personal computer equipped with a specially configured Windows Server operating system, offering the capability to install the QULON software.

The Server QULON coordinates the synchronized operation of all QULON system elements, provides resources to client software upon request, securely stores historical data, and facilitates data transmission for further processing by third-party software. 

Server is fully adapted to the functionality of working with QULON software and is designed for rack-mounted deployment, occupying minimal space (1U) in a server rack.

Server for software QULON offers a convenient solution for building management systems based on QULON equipment, providing efficient coordination and integration of various components.

Attention! QULON software is purchased separately according to the tariff plans.

    • Hardware:

      Processor: 1 DL360 Gen10 Intel Xeon-Bronze 3106 (1.7GHz/8-core/85W)
      RAM: 16GB 2Rx8 PC4-2666V-R Smart Kit
      Memory: 1.8TB SAS 12G 10K SFF (2.5in) 512e
      Chassis: 1U Rack Form Factor 8 or 10 SFF (depth - 69.85cm)
      Weight: 16.27kg

    • Operating System:


    • Package Contents:

      Server for software QULON

    Server for software QULON
    • : SER-QUL-XXX
    • : 5060452243399