Zhaga LoRa Node

Smart Lighting Control at Your Fingertips

Elevate urban lighting infrastructure with the Zhaga LoRa Node, a sophisticated wireless street light controller that provides unparalleled control over your luminaire systems using LoRa cellular networks. This ultra-compact device allows for individual luminaire management, including dimming and diagnostics, ensuring energy efficiency and extended lifespan of your lighting assets.

The Zhaga LoRa Node boasts an array of sensors including daylight, GPS, and accelerometer, which collectively contribute to an intelligent and responsive lighting network. Its compatibility with DALI 2.0 and QULON's range of motion and environmental sensors offers an integrated solution for smart city initiatives.

Designed for direct mounting on lighting poles or luminaires, the Zhaga LoRa Node simplifies installation while maintaining high durability with its waterproof IP66 casing. Embrace the future of smart lighting control with the advanced capabilities of Zhaga LoRa Node.

    • Wireless LoRa Connectivity: Utilize long-range LoRa networks for reliable and individual luminaire control and diagnostics.
      Versatile Control Interfaces: Supports DALI 2.0 for flexible lighting solutions and seamless data exchange.
      Intelligent Light Sensing: Automated control with built-in or third-party light sensors, optimizing energy usage and enhancing safety.
      Precision Geo-positioning: Built-in GPS module for accurate luminaire location and system coordination.
      Vibration and Tilt Monitoring: Embedded accelerometer to detect and measure vibrations, acceleration, and tilt, ensuring pole integrity.
      Diverse Powering Options: Compatible with a 12-30 V DC power supply for varied installation environments.
      Simplified Configuration: Easily managed and configured through QULON software for maximum convenience.
      Robust Design: IP66 dust and water resistance, suited for outdoor conditions.
      Effortless Installation: Quick and convenient connection with the Zhaga connector, ideal for modern urban landscapes.

    • Mechanical:

      Housing: solid case
      Material: plastic
      Dimensions, mm: 79,8(D) x 61,6(56,6)(H)
      Mass: 0.2 kg
      Mounting: luminaire case, pillar, etc

    • Power & Electrical:

      Input Voltage: 12-30 V DC
      Input Power (max): 5 W

    • Environment:

      Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
      Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
      Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
      IP Rating: IP 66
      Certification: CE compliant, RoHS
      Warranty: 36 Month

    • Interfaces and Protocols:

      Control output interface: DALI 2.0
      Navigation: GPS
      Radio Channel: LoRa

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      Connectors: Zhaga book 18 connector
      Sensors: embedded daylight sensor, accelerometer

    • Configuration / Indication:

      Setup: remote via the QULON
      Indication: LED

    • Package Contents:

      Zhaga LoRa Node

    Zhaga LoRa Node, LoRa, DALI 2.0, GPS, accelerometer
    • : QUL-LW-Z-LO-A
    • : 5060452241777
    Zhaga LoRa Node, LoRa, DALI 2.0
    • : QUL-LW-Z-LO-B
    • : 5060452241784