Airfields Street Lighting Control QULON


The QULON outdoor lighting management system at airports recommends the use of Power Line Communication Simpline technology, specifically designed for street lighting applications. This technology is based on the CENELEC EN 50065-1 standard (band C) and operates at a frequency of 132.5 kHz. The simplicity and speed of data transmission provide high immunity to interference in highly challenging environments and ensure maximum transmission range and reliability of the implemented solutions.

Power Line Communication Simpline technology is based on data transmission over power lines, eliminating the need for additional communication infrastructure and utilizing the existing power grid. This reduces costs and simplifies the installation process. The system enables remote monitoring and control of individual luminaires or groups of luminaires, optimizing energy usage and maximizing power savings.

Airfields Street Lighting Control QULON

However, it is important to consider the unique challenges posed by the power topology at airports when implementing the QULON system with Simpline technology. Complex network topologies may present specific technical considerations that need to be taken into account during system deployment.

Overall, the QULON outdoor lighting management system at airports, utilizing Simpline technology, offers efficient lighting control, high interference immunity, and reliable performance. It enables optimal energy efficiency, ensuring safety and comfort at the airport.


Airfields Street Lighting Control QULON
  • Energy savings up to 60% QULON

    Energy savings up to 60%

    Street lights dim automatically based on schedule or environment, saving up to 60% energy and reducing CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 50% QULON

    Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    We reduce service costs up to 50% by proactively alerting maintenance staff of faults/outages in fixtures or networks

  • Programming tools QULON

    Programming tools

    Create complex scenarios with QULON devices based on daylight, weather, traffic, air pollution, and holidays - virtually limitless!

  • Live control QULON

    Live control

    Manage street lights remotely with QULON software. Get live stats, create performance reports with a click for individual or grouped fixtures