Sea Ports

Sea Ports

We offer the utilization of cutting-edge technologies for lighting control in sea ports, such as Loading Areas and Container Yards. 

One such solution is individual control through a radio channel based on LiTouch technology. This wireless technology operates on reliable frequencies of 868/915 MHz, ensuring stable and long-range connectivity. Both methods support dimmable high-pressure sodium lamps and dimmable LED luminaires with NEMA and Zhaga connectors, enabling maximum energy efficiency and individual control over each luminaire.

We also provide individual control via the GSM network. Through the GSM mobile network, real-time lighting management and instant notifications can be achieved. This method proves particularly beneficial in densely populated areas, mountainous regions, and locations where the use of radio channels is restricted by legislation.

Sea Ports

Loading Areas

Loading and unloading areas between cranes, as well as the cranes themselves, need to have adequate lighting for safety purposes. QULON solutions not only enhance the management of lighting in these areas through real-time controls and immediate warning notifications but also incorporate architectural lighting control units that enable the placement of colored LEDs on cranes, transforming each port into a distinctive art installation. We prioritize the durability of our units by safeguarding them against harsh weather conditions and minimizing the impact of unnecessary vibrations, ensuring their long-lasting performance.

Sea Ports

Container Yards

Port facilities can enhance the security of their container storage areas by utilizing our wireless lighting control systems, which enable real-time management of yard lighting, power consumption measurement, and performance monitoring. The objective is to deliver safe and energy-efficient illumination for container yards, while preventing discomfort glare caused by excessive and unregulated brightness.

Sea Ports
  • Energy savings up to 60%

    Energy savings up to 60%

    Street lights dim automatically based on schedule or environment, saving up to 60% energy and reducing CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    We reduce service costs up to 50% by proactively alerting maintenance staff of faults/outages in fixtures or networks

  • Programming tools

    Programming tools

    Create complex scenarios with QULON devices based on daylight, weather, traffic, air pollution, and holidays - virtually limitless!

  • Live control

    Live control

    Manage street lights remotely with QULON software. Get live stats, create performance reports with a click for individual or grouped fixtures