Villages and Countryside Street Lighting Control QULON

Villages and Countryside

The QULON lighting management system recommends two solutions for implementing projects in villages and rural areas. The first solution is based on GSM network infrastructure, utilizing the existing GSM network. It is suitable for densely populated areas, mountainous regions, and locations where the use of radio channels is legally prohibited. The second solution is based on the LiTouch Wireless open protocol, operating on reliable 868/915 MHz frequencies to ensure stable and long-range communication. Both solutions support various types of lighting, including dimmable high-pressure sodium lamps and dimmable LED luminaires with NEMA and Zhaga connectors.


Villages and Countryside Street Lighting Control QULON

These solutions allow for lighting control through individual control of each luminaire via a radio channel or the GSM network. The functionality includes brightness adjustment, turning lights on and off, and creating schedules for luminaire operation using the QULON software.

The QULON system also offers other solutions for outdoor lighting management in villages and rural areas, such as utilizing other communication technologies like LoRaWAN or NB-IoT.

To determine the most suitable lighting management system option, specific requirements, budget constraints, available communication technologies, and the characteristics of the village or rural area need to be considered.


  • Energy savings up to 60% QULON

    Energy savings up to 60%

    Street lights dim automatically based on schedule or environment, saving up to 60% energy and reducing CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 50% QULON

    Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    We reduce service costs up to 50% by proactively alerting maintenance staff of faults/outages in fixtures or networks

  • Programming tools QULON

    Programming tools

    Create complex scenarios with QULON devices based on daylight, weather, traffic, air pollution, and holidays - virtually limitless!

  • Live control QULON

    Live control

    Manage street lights remotely with QULON software. Get live stats, create performance reports with a click for individual or grouped fixtures