QULON Products for Street Lighting Control

Zhaga-Compatible Lighting Controllers

How to choose a device placement option that suits you: on a pole, on top of a pole, in a cabinet, on a luminaire, inside a luminaire?

Enhance Cityscapes with Zhaga-Compatible Lighting Controllers

Transform urban illumination with our adaptable and sophisticated Zhaga-compatible lighting controllers. Crafted to flawlessly merge with contemporary city environments, these solutions offer a rejuvenated approach to street light management, featuring state-of-the-art adaptability and enhanced oversight.

Harness the immense capabilities of your urban lighting infrastructure with our advanced Zhaga controller units, configured to support a variety of communication options including PLC (Power Line Communication), LoRa, and innovative wireless technologies such as LiTouch. Whether it's our versatile Zhaga GSM Controller or the energy-conserving Zhaga LoRa Controller, our product lineup is tailored to satisfy the multifaceted requirements of today's city administrations.

Embrace our Zhaga controller offerings and be part of a cleaner, more energy-wise future. These controllers don't just ensure top-tier lighting administration – they also encourage reduced energy usage, leading to decreased running costs. They are the perfect allies in achieving optimum illumination efficiency and in helping you meet your eco-friendly ambitions.

Deploy our Zhaga controller solutions and craft an optimal lit ambiance for each thoroughfare, fostering a vibrant and inviting environment for citizens. Dive into our selection now and join us in the journey towards an enlightened, intelligent cityscape.