Modbus-RTU I/O Extension module for lighting management

QULON R is an expansion module that allows you to add 16 independent inputs and 8 independent relays in the cabinet controllers.

Communication with the unit and lighting control is via RS-485 interface.

Depending on the modification, the unit can be powered from AC 100-240 V as well as from DC 12-30 V.

The unit can be configured remotely via the cabinet controllers, or via the DIP switches on the unit.

The device is designed for installation in a DIN-rail lighting control cabinet.

    • Connection to central controller QULON C over the RS-485

      Full galvanic isolation RS-485 interface

      16 independent inputs

      8 independent relay outputs

      Built-in power supply

    • Mechanical:

      Housing: aluminum DIN mounted case
      Material: metal, plastic
      Dimensions, mm: 212(L) x 74,5(H) x 105(W)
      Mass: 0.6 kg
      Mounting: DIN (12 modules) rail 

    • Power & Electrical:

      Input Voltage: ~100-240V 50/60 Hz; –12-30V
      Input Power (max): 5 W
      Mains Fuse: 0.5 A

    • Environment:

      Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
      Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
      Operating Relative Humidity (max): 95%
      IP Rating: IP 20
      Certification: CE compliant, RoHS
      Warranty: 36 Month

    • Interfaces and Protocols:

      Serial interface: RS-485
      Max length of RS-485 line: 1500 m

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      Relay outputs: 8 (6 on/off, 2 changeover)
      Voltage control inputs: 16
      Max voltage and current at outputs: 240 V, 5 A
      Max voltage at inputs: 240 V
      Connectors: terminal blocks 2EDGVC, 15EDGVС

    • Configuration / Indication:

      Setup: remote via cabinet controllers, DIP switcher
      Indication: LEDs

    • Package Contents:

      QULON R
      Connector set

    QULON R, AC, 8 relays, 16 inputs
    • : QUL-R-EXT-816
    • : 5060452243047
    QULON R, DC, 8 relays, 16 inputs
    • : QUL-R-EXT-816-DC
    • : 5060452243054
    QULON R, AC, 16 inputs
    • : QUL-R-EXT-016
    • : 5060452243061
    QULON R, DC, 16 inputs
    • : QUL-R-EXT-016-DC
    • : 5060452243078