City Streets Street Lighting Control QULON

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The street lighting management system provides various functions, including individual and group lighting control, brightness adjustment (dimming), monitoring and control of each luminaire's status, adaptive lighting based on motion sensors, and energy conservation. This system, known as QULON, is based on various technologies such as LoRa Network, Power Line technology, Wireless LiTouch system, and solar lighting, which ensure optimal efficiency and maximum energy savings.

QULON comprises components such as solar panels (in the case of solar lighting), lighting controllers, motion sensors, communication systems (e.g., LoRa, GSM), and central control cabinets. Lighting control is achieved through different methods, including individual control, group control, and centralized control. The technologies enable turning on, turning off, and adjusting the brightness of the lighting based on factors such as the time of day, light levels, motion detection, and other factors.

City Streets Street Lighting Control QULON

The system supports various types of lighting, including LED lamps, high-pressure discharge lamps (e.g., sodium lamps), and other lighting fixtures that comply with NEMA and Zhaga standards.

The configuration and programming of the lighting management system depend on the technology being used. Typically, this is done through specialized QULON software, which allows for setting lighting parameters, scheduling operations, brightness levels, and other settings according to requirements and preferences.

The street lighting management system enables real-time control of lighting, monitoring the status of each luminaire, adjusting brightness and scheduling operations, as well as responding to changes in the environment, such as motion detection or changes in light levels.


City Streets Street Lighting Control QULON

Sensors play a crucial role in the outdoor lighting management system by detecting motion and other events, enabling the system to adapt lighting in real-time. For example, motion sensors can turn on luminaires when people are detected and turn them off after a certain period of no motion, contributing to energy savings.

Using the street lighting management system offers several advantages, including energy conservation, optimal utilization of lighting, individual and group control, monitoring the status of luminaires, improved safety and comfort on city streets, and reduced operational costs for lighting.


City Streets Street Lighting Control QULON
  • Energy savings up to 60% QULON

    Energy savings up to 60%

    Street lights dim automatically based on schedule or environment, saving up to 60% energy and reducing CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 50% QULON

    Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%

    We reduce service costs up to 50% by proactively alerting maintenance staff of faults/outages in fixtures or networks

  • Programming tools QULON

    Programming tools

    Create complex scenarios with QULON devices based on daylight, weather, traffic, air pollution, and holidays - virtually limitless!

  • Live control QULON

    Live control

    Manage street lights remotely with QULON software. Get live stats, create performance reports with a click for individual or grouped fixtures