Gyms in Lobao, Arrifana and Lourosa Street Lighting Control QULON

Gyms in Lobao, Arrifana and Lourosa


The equipment used included QULON C (central controller), DALIGate DIN (DALI bus controller), a smart 3-phase power meter, and 50 LED luminaires equipped with standard DALI-controlled drivers. Push buttons were utilized for manual control of luminaire groups. All of this equipment was installed in a standard DIN rail cabinet.

The following goals were achieved:

Luminaires were divided into groups, allowing for separate remote and local control of each group.

The maximum power level could be set according to a schedule or by a remote supervisor to provide the necessary brightness at specific times and days.

Failure detection was enabled for undervoltage, overvoltage, and overconsumption.

Individual luminaires were displayed on a building scheme, with their live status indicated by color.

All electrical measurements were stored on a statistics server and ready to be displayed and analyzed, including alarms, warnings, power consumption/energy-saving reports.

An overall energy saving of 85% was achieved, including the replacement of old luminaires with LED ones.