• Highways Street Lighting Control QULON


    In the context of highway lighting, a lighting control system serves the purpose of ensuring safety and comfort for drivers and pedestrians. Clear and effective illumination on highways reduces the risk of accidents and enhances visibility of road signs and markings. Optimizing energy consumption and enabling remote management help conserve energy and improve the efficiency of highway lighting systems.

  • Tunnels Street Lighting Control QULON


    The lighting control system in tunnels is essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of drivers. It allows for automatic adjustment of the lighting brightness inside the tunnel, as well as at its entrance and exit, eliminating the "black hole" effect and providing a smooth transition from bright ambient light to dimmer illumination inside the tunnel. Such a system also helps reduce driver fatigue and enhances visibility of obstacles on the road, creating a safe environment for tunnel passage. 

  • Off-Grid locations Street Lighting Control QULON

    Off-Grid locations

    In off-grid locations, the implementation of a lighting management system plays a vital role. It enables efficient energy utilization and reliable lighting by integrating renewable energy sources such as solar panels and advanced energy storage systems. This solution not only provides illumination in remote areas but also enhances ecological sustainability and improves the quality of life for communities.