• Airfields Street Lighting Control QULON


    The lighting control system on the runway plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air traffic, providing optimal conditions for pilots and helping prevent potential accidents or incidents on the runway.ж

  • Sportsgrounds and parking spaces Street Lighting Control QULON

    Sportsgrounds and parking spaces

    The lighting management system in sportsgrounds and parking spaces plays a crucial role in providing optimal conditions for sports events and convenience during parking. This system allows for precise adjustment of lighting according to the unique needs of each facility, ensuring optimal lighting levels on the sports field and providing safety and visibility for drivers and pedestrians in parking areas. By properly regulating the intensity of lighting, a comfortable and safe environment is achieved for all users of these spaces.

  • Sea Ports Street Lighting Control QULON

    Sea Ports

    Port facilities can maximise the security of their loading areas, storage facilities and pathways with our wireless lighting control systems to manage lighting live, measure power consumption and  performance. The goal is to provide safe and energy efficient illumination of every location within port infrastructure.