Agriturismo Aqua Viva Street Lighting Control QULON

Agriturismo Aqua Viva


A project was implemented at Agriturismo Aqua Viva in Italy for the management of outdoor lighting, utilizing central controllers housed in a cabinet.

The objective of the project was to create an efficient outdoor lighting control system that ensures comfort and safety for visitors and staff at Agriturismo Aqua Viva. The central controllers, located in the cabinet, were chosen to provide centralized and precise control over the lighting across the entire premises.

Installing the central controllers in a cabinet enables efficient management of the outdoor lighting areas at Agriturismo Aqua Viva. They offer programming and scheduling capabilities, as well as monitoring and control of the lighting system. This allows the staff to manage the lighting based on time of day, weather conditions, or special events, creating the desired ambiance and aesthetic effect.

The central controllers also provide remote access functionality, allowing operators to control the lighting and make adjustments to the system from anywhere with network connectivity. This enhances the flexibility and convenience of managing the lighting system.

The implementation of the project at Agriturismo Aqua Viva, utilizing central controllers housed in a cabinet, has resulted in the establishment of an efficient and reliable outdoor lighting system. This system ensures safety, comfort, and atmosphere for visitors and staff, enhancing their experience at Agriturismo Aqua Viva.