Efficient Group Lighting Control: QULON Segment Controllers

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Outdoor lighting is more than just an aesthetic choice; it plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and energy efficiency. Effectively managing outdoor lighting is essential for conserving energy and ensuring optimal performance. Central to this management is group lighting control, a method where multiple luminaires are grouped and controlled together. 

This article goes into the operational aspects of group lighting control, exploring its advantages, and highlighting the critical component: the group controller. Additionally, we will introduce the QULON family of segment controllers, recognized for their unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

Efficient Group Lighting Control: QULON Segment Controllers
Understanding Group Lighting Control

Understanding Group Lighting Control

Group lighting control involves managing luminaires collectively, utilizing shared parameters and settings instead of dealing with each luminaire individually. This approach offers several advantages, making it a preferred choice in various situations.

Centralized Control 

Operators can now effortlessly monitor and control multiple luminaires from a central point. This centralized approach simplifies the entire process, making it both convenient and efficient.

Versatile Lighting Scenarios

Luminaire groups can be configured to work with various lighting scenarios, adapting to different needs and occasions effortlessly.

Energy Efficiency

Group control paves the way for efficient energy use. Luminaires can be turned off when not needed, conserving energy, and reducing costs significantly.

Precision with Scheduled Control

Group control systems support scheduled lighting control, allowing automatic activation and deactivation of luminaires at specific times. This feature ensures precision and reliability in your lighting management.

Optimized Infrastructure

By managing luminaires in groups, the load on the electrical infrastructure is significantly reduced. Not every luminaire operates continuously, leading to a lighter load and improved efficiency.

The Heart of Group Control: Introducing Segment Controllers

The Heart of Group Control:
Introducing Segment Controllers

The main component of group or segment control is the central controller. Buyers often focus on its design, the number of lights it can handle, extraordinary standards, and complex built-in operating systems. When it comes to group or segment control, the central controller plays a pivotal role. The QULON family of segment controllers (Mini, C1, C, C2) stands out, offering unmatched performance and reliability.


Compact Integration,
Maximum Efficiency

Controllers seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures, ensuring they cater to various needs. Their compact design allows them to fit into different electrical panels of varying sizes and colors, making them versatile and adaptable.

Intelligent Inside, Simple Outside

Intelligent Inside, Simple Outside

Internally, controllers are intelligent powerhouses, capable of handling complex operations with ease. Externally, they boast a user-friendly interface, featuring a 'smart' multifunctional button that can be customized remotely for testing. Clear light indicators provide unequivocal information about their normal operation, ensuring simplicity in usage.

Robust and Resilient

The controller should be able to operate under elevated power supply conditions up to 305 V and survive different short-term voltage surges. Why, might you wonder? This is uncommon in cities, to be sure, but on distant routes where the lighting controller is frequently the only user of a high-voltage substation during the day, every increase in voltage on the high side causes an equal increase in unbalanced load on the low side.

Future-Ready and Adaptive

Controllers are equipped to work with any type of meter, even those they might encounter in the future. Their software can be updated remotely, ensuring they stay compatible with new equipment as it emerges. This adaptability future-proofs your investment, making QULON controllers a wise choice for any lighting management scenario.


The Perfect Controller
QULON Segment Controllers

In summary, the perfect controller is a blend of intelligence, simplicity, and resilience. The family of segment controllers embodies these qualities, offering a reliable and efficient solution for managing outdoor lighting. Developed collaboratively with operating organizations for over a decade, QULON controllers have absorbed extensive experience, making them the ultimate choice for your lighting control needs. Experience the difference with QULON segment controllers and elevate your outdoor lighting management to new heights.